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Vaccines 101

Learn the basics of vaccines, from how they work to how they are recommended for use.

What Do Vaccines Do?

Learn about the complex events that happen inside the human body when a vaccine is administered, from how the different immune cells react to the vaccine to how antibodies will be ready for the next time they “see” the infection.

How Are Vaccines Made?

Vaccines are made using strict criteria and quality control. Learn the steps to go from a vaccine as an idea to a product that saves lives.

Ethical Issues and Vaccines

Like all public health interventions, there are ethical concerns to be considered and guidelines to be followed.

Misconceptions About Vaccines

Few public health interventions have been subjected to as many lies and misinformation as vaccines.

The Future of Immunization

What does the future hold for the science of vaccines?

Careers in Vaccine Research

Learn about the different careers that may lead you to become part of the history of vaccines.